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Intrinsic Cover An epic fantasy novel with sorcery, superpowers, ancient history, and demonic wars across time, this is the first book in a series from debut author Jerry Collins.

In a world where nothing is as it seems comes a woman with the power to possess the souls and wills of men, to do with as she pleases. Jatara thirsts for world domination, moved by an unrelenting drive to capture and control the minds of her subjects. This horrific saga of pain, betrayal and death takes place in ancient Europe, but the story transcends time, to the present and beyond. Jatara’s plan for world conquest is only obstructed by Derideon, an omnipotent ruler of the underworld, who wants Jatara to join his regime and praise him as her master.

Will she obey? Or defy him?

The battle of wills has begun, but only one will thrive, and only the strong will survive.

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